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Faculty and Staff Organization

The  Counseling Guidance office is organized under the Office of Academic Affairs and is responsible for providing mental health and counseling services on campus.


1. Administration

2. Mental Health Promotion

3. Resources Class

4. Individual Client Management

5. Internship Supervise

6. Consultant

Student Counseling Center Team Responsibilities




  1. Address business related to administration
  2. Address business related to the Gender Equality Education Committee
  3. Address business related to the Student Appeal and Appraisal Committee

Mental health Promotion

  1. Promoting mental health and hosting events
    1. Addressing business related to student volunteers
    2. Academic wellness counseling
    3. Other mental health promotion
  2. Mentorship
    1. Managing and advising for extracurricular activities
    2. Making appointments

Resources Class

  1. Counseling for lifestyle adjustment
  2. Provide after-school tutoring
  3. Arrange meetings with “student assistants” to provide one-on-one advising
  4. Evaluation and application of teacher assistants
  5. Connecting to social welfare resources and providing various service information
  6. Provide assistance with computer software
  7. Provide assistance applying for scholarships and bursaries
  8. Provide career and professional development books
  9. Organize coaching activities
  10. Providing school transfer services

Individual Client Management

  1. Online tracking of individual cases
  2. Establish a tutoring roster
  3. Tracking case updates and missed appointments
  4. Oversee students’ initial meetings and distress assessments
  5. Punishing students who break student conduct policy

Internship Supervise

  1. Student career development advisors provide professional guidance
  2. Supervising professional development activities


  1. Provide teachers and students on campus with mental health care and administrative counseling services