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Student Counseling Center Location

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A Place Where Your Voice is Heard

The Counseling Guidance office assists teachers and students in managing their lifestyles, learning, career development,and more by overcoming problems through individual counseling, mental health classes, group counseling, psychological tests, and extracurricular management.

To enrich the support of students, we encourage teachers to provide tutoring. Each semester, we offer tutoring for different subjects,and we look forward to improving students' academic knowledge and professional skills.

In addition, a team of volunteers at the Student Guidance Office promotes various mental health activities.

The Counseling Guidance Office has a comfortable and inviting counseling room. We have seven counseling rooms,each with a psychological testing area. We have created a warm, friendly environment so that students can feel at home.

We sincerely invite anyone interested to come in for a chat over a cup of tea.

The Counseling Guidance Office has the resources to effectively provide for the school's physically and mentally handicapped students.

Our main task is to provide the resources necessary to have students with disabilities become comfortable in the university.

We enhance the learning environment, encourage students to actively seek help and resources, improve the learning experience.

We empower and encourage our students so that they can adapt to the university and successfully complete their studies.

The resources we provide include counseling for school, personal issues, and more.

We will partner with students with disabilities to assist in their daily life to make their interpersonal and academic activities as smooth as possible.

Partnered with various departments and administrative personnel,the Counseling Guidance Office will not only effectively support students through encounters with personal problems

but also help fulfill academic needs such as applying for scholarships and financial aid from the Ministry of Education, managing extracurricular activities,improving professional skills, and providing school-related information.